Fire department focuses on extricate training with newest membersSubmitted: 06/30/2015

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RHINELANDER - The newest members of the Rhinelander Fire Department will spend part of the next few weeks training.

Department leaders are having them practice some of the most important safety techniques.
Tuesday, that meant tearing open up a Chevy Prizm.

"It is very important," Rhinelander Fire Department Deputy Chief Dan Bauer said. "Like I said, the quicker we can get the patient out of there, the quicker medical staff can take care of them and get them to the hospital, and get them to the appropriate facility. The quicker they can the better chance of survival."

Firefighters use incredibly strong tools to spread, cut, and tear pieces of a vehicle. Tuesday's practice let firefighters practice all of their techniques.

"There are all different types of equipment laying out here just in case one technique doesn't work so we can switch to different," Bauer said.

Those techniques could come in handy soon. The summer months bring more tourists to the roads. That means more chances for a crash, and firefighters say you should try to stay awake and stay calm if you get in a crash.

"We'll tell you what we're going to do, and try to not move because if you have a neck injury or that you don't want to be moving around. Just sit still and let us get the vehicle open, and let us get in there and extricate you," Bauer said.

The training will help keep people safe, but it also helps department leaders build a team.

"I like to see their progress, and see them actually learning and becoming more proficient at each step that they take," Bauer said.

This is the first week of training for the newest firefighters. They're already working on the clock, but they'll keep training over the next few weeks.

Story By: Adam Fox

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WISCONSIN - Wisconsin's maple syrup season saw success in 2015.

Maple syrup production rose 14 percent compared to last year.

The total production was 215,000 gallons.

That amount is the second highest ever for the state behind 2013.

Newswatch 12 visited Whataview Farm in Phelps in March.

They had a great season and are excited to supply its customers.

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WISCONSIN - With the Fourth of July right around the corner, many people will enjoy the holiday out in the warm weather. If you do, it's important to remember food safety to avoid getting any food illness this weekend.

Bacteria spreads much faster in the heat. Any food left out for more than an hour could go bad. 

Health Department workers say to keep your food out of what they call the "food danger zone".

"It's 140 degrees Fahrenheit to 40 degrees Fahrenheit and ways that they can do this is to put cold food items on top of ice and water baths and hot items, you're going to want to keep them covered with foil or kept on the cooler side of the grill," said Forest County Health Department Nutritionist Karly Johnson.

Food kept inside at room temperature should be put away after two hours. Make sure to wash any utensils or plates used for raw meat before reusing. That's the best way to avoid common food illnesses.

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MANITOWISH WATERS - You can't live in the Northwoods without having a passion for the look and feel of freshwater lakes and streams. 

That passion has been a part of a decade long debate over how to manage water levels on the Manitowish River. 

People in Vilas and Iron counties have been fighting for years over what to do with the Rest Lake Dam. 

Now, the state legislature might take control of it.

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VILAS COUNTY - Earlier this month, legislators put a proposal into the state budget that would take away a county's ability to make its own shoreline zoning regulations. Here in the Northwoods, two counties have come out against that proposal.

If the state budget went through as it's written right now, individual counties and lake associations could lose their power to set zoning regulations. That's a big issue for many in the Northwoods. Vilas County alone has 1,300 lakes. The proposal has caused great concerns.

"The concern was that the proposal had the potential for doing great damage to the environment, had the potential for causing a severe problem as far as assessment procedures, and generally was opposed by the citizens-the residents-of this county," said Chuck Hayes, a Vilas County supervisor.

Vilas and Oneida counties both held board meetings last week. Both counties voted to ask for removal of zoning changes from the budget. They argue the issue of shoreline zoning was never given any time to be discussed.

"At the very least, I think the public should have had a chance to weigh in on this issue that affects the environment," said Hayes. "The counties, the municipalities and individual residents, their opinion wasn't sought on this. It was simply put in."

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MADISON - The Legislature may vote on a financing deal for a Milwaukee Bucks arena and changes to the prevailing wage law in a special session.

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MADISON - Gov. Scott Walker will greet President Barack Obama when he comes to La Crosse on Thursday to talk about the economy.

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MADISON - Leaders of the Senate and Assembly plan to hold a news conference on Wednesday morning to announce terms of the agreement. Assembly Speaker Robin Vos's spokeswoman Kit Beyer said Tuesday the deal had been reached and details would come out Wednesday.

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COLUMBUS, OH - A 4-year-old girl who was shot in the leg by an Ohio policeman firing at a dog is recovering after surgery as her family questions how the officer responded.

Columbus police say Ava Ellis was hit accidentally June 19 when an officer fired at a charging dog at a home in suburban Whitehall. Police say another relative had flagged down the officer for help after Ava's mother cut herself on glass.

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