School District of Rhinelander offers online programSubmitted: 02/10/2014

Kaitlyn Howe

RHINELANDER - Every school year, more and more students and parents choose virtual learning.

Students in online programs can then take classes they might not have been able
to take before.

Rhinelander High School has one of these programs.

80 students are enrolled this year.

Some only take a couple classes online and some are all online.

But online choices can cross district lines, too.

Some students decide to open enroll in an online school in a different district.

Like all districts, Rhinelander would much prefer to keep those students in
their own district.

"It's an issue for all school districts. All school districts want to keep their
students happy. So I would hope that if they're looking at opportunities outside
of the district that they'd also come in and look at our opportunities and
compare them and decide what's best for their students," says Virtual Learning
Coordinator, Kandi Bartelt.

An outside student who open enrolls into the School District of Rhinelander
can't be fully online.

"Because we are not a charter school we are a program within our school district
and for being part of the school district the state does have requirements of
physical attendance," says Bartelt.

Rhinelander virtual learning leader says students who want to take online
courses need to be self motivated.

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What We're Working OnSubmitted: 07/02/2015

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MERRILL - A woman in the Merrill area could face charges for allegedly shooting her boyfriend in the leg.

Lincoln County Deputies got a call about 1:20 this morning about a domestic disturbance in the town of Merrill.

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WAUSAU - A Wausau teen accused of stabbing a middle school boy will be tried in adult court. Dylan Yang, 15, pleaded not guilty in Marathon County Court Thursday.

Prosecutors think Yang stabbed and killed 13-year-old killed Isaiah Powell in February.

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RHINELANDER - The number of fireworks-related injuries increases in the 30 days surrounding the Fourth of July.

A study by the Consumer Product Safety Commission says more than 200 people nationwide go to emergency rooms every day with these injuries around this time of year.

To prevent injuries, it's important to follow guidelines set up by the state of Wisconsin.

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NORTHWOODS - Police in Rhinelander get many calls about dogs locked in hot cars every summer. Many of the calls come from people who find the car and don't know how to help the animal.

Police say the best strategy is to read the situation. Sometimes even if the windows are rolled up, the air conditioner inside the car may be on.

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MERRILL - A Merrill woman admitted Thursday morning that she shot her boyfriend in the leg Wednesday night. Fifty-nine-year-old Debra Engel is charged with two felonies for that shooting.

According to court documents, Engel called the police and  told them she shot her boyfriend. When police got to the house and arrested her, she admitted to the shooting again.

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RHINELANDER - The Rhinelander High School band took a break from vacation Thursday morning.

The group was practicing for two upcoming parades for the Fourth of July weekend.

The band will be marching, something some students have never done. It is a skill that is much different from just playing in a chair and it can be difficult to pick up.

"They're used to just being able to sit and play their music and maybe tap a foot, but to get your whole body moving, and to concentrate on where you are in a line, and your horn angle and all of those things is a lot to manage at one time," said band director Connie Piasecki.

Thankfully the director has some help managing the group. The band has a student drum major who is a leader for those who need it.

"As drum major I'm here to help Mrs. Piasecki to guide the band into better marching form and to get us into step as best as we can," said Mitchel Modic, senior and drum major at Rhinelander High School. "It is all about looking good and feeling good as well. Being a drum major it's really fun to watch people grow and develop not only as marchers but as people as well."

The band is excited for its upcoming holiday weekend and the two parades in which it will be marching in.

"We are marching in two parades, Three Lakes at nine o'clock and here in Rhinelander at eleven," said Piasecki. "We love marching, we have so much community support for the Rhinelander High School Band, so we hope we have a big crowd again this weekend, weather looks great, and we are really excited."

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